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Rachel Weisz just met a scientist who thinks humans will cure death

While speaking about her new series Dead Ringers, Rachel Weisz has revealed a meeting she had with a scientist who thinks that a cure for death isn't far away.

Rachel Weisz in Dead Ringers as two twins

Dead Ringers star Rachel Weisz says she met a scientist who thinks death is just the next “curable” condition while reflecting on the scientific developments considered by her new show, which some are already calling one of the best TV series of the year.

Speaking with The Observer, Weisz was asked about the science displayed in one of the year’s best drama series, and whether it could be classified as science fiction. With a definitive response, Weisz said, “It’s not sci-fi, it’s near-fi.” Explaining how the science shown in Dead Ringers wasn’t completely implausible given the rate of technological advancement, she then recalled a meeting she had with a scientist.

“There was one very eminent scientist, who believes that death is just a disease that will be curable in the not too distant future. So for him, that’s not even science fiction. That’s just science.” Then speaking on the implications of that, she said, “Do I want to live for ever? No!”

As a psychological drama about twin scientists, Dead Ringers explores a number of uncomfortable ethical questions. The Amazon Prime Video show is a remake of the David Cronenberg movie of the same name, albeit with significant changes.

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In Dead Ringers, Rachel Weisz plays dual roles as two twins, Elliot and Beverly Mantle, who are both gynaecologists. Without getting into spoilers, the series does touch on the creation of life – and death – while retaining the twisted charm of the Cronenberg original (in which the lead roles were played by Jeremy Irons).

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