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Wonder Woman once left the Justice League to work in fast food

Wonder Woman might be one of the strongest superheroes in the Justice League, but she still has bills to pay, and wound up taking a regular job to do so.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Being a superhero doesn’t always pay, as Wonder Woman can attest when she ended up becoming a waitress. Noble work by any metric, it’s not where you’d expect an Amazonian warrior to go, but after her homeworld disappeared, it became part of her new life.

The DCU‘s depiction of Wonder Woman has been multi-faceted, even among her limited appearances. Watching the DC movies in order will tell you she’s fascinated by how people outside Themiscyra live, loving our complicated nature.

That said, the 1993 storyline where Diana takes up a job at an in-universe equivalent to Taco Bell probably won’t be getting adapted any time soon. The best DC characters all have a penchant for this kind of narrative every so often, but Diana’s winds up being a little too odd.

The story, written by Bill Loeb and drawn by Lee Moder and André Parks, starts with a major cliffhanger: Themiscyra has somehow disappeared. Confused, but not altogether heartbroken, Diana embraces the chance to find normality by moving into the city with Steve Trevor.

Wonder Woman in Taco Whiz

Doing so leads her to encounter the best DC villain of all – capitalism. First, she struggles to find an apartment (we’ve all been there), then she can’t find anywhere to hire her (so relatable). This leads to a position at Taco Whiz, thanks to a friend who’s working there to get through college.

Diana, grateful for the opportunity, gets stuck right in, costume and all. It goes well, but the paycheck doesn’t get her very far. At one point she remarks: “What will happen to this city… to this country… if people cannot find meaningful work?”

I’d argue we’ve been finding out in realtime this last decade and the answer is, “nothing good”. But I digress. As she starts looking for a second job, living that classic 20-something lifestyle in the big city, Diana gets roped into fighting an ancient demon, leading to her moonlighting as a supernatural detective.

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But that’s another plotline entirely. Taco Whiz gradually stops to matter at that point. For a whole second there, Wonder Woman was the one handling your tacos (sort of). An odd slice of history, it’s the exact thing we can imagine James Gunn including in Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters.

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