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Michelle Pfeiffer would “consider” Catwoman return

Michelle Pfeiffer, currently playing First Lady Betty Ford on Showtime, says she would consider a return to the Catwoman catsuit, depending on the context

Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman

Zoë Kravitz had big leather boots to fill when she stepped into the role of Catwoman in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, as the character has previously been played purr-tastically by Anne Hathaway and Eartha Kitt, and perhaps most iconically – Michelle Pfeiffer. With a 25 year gap between comic book roles (Pfeiffer joined the MCU in 2018), its clearly not an arena that she’s particularly attached to, but Pfeiffer says she would consider revisiting Catwoman, depending on the context.

In a new lengthy profile in The Hollywood Reporter, Pfeiffer discusses her early career, including Grease 2 and Scarface, to finding super stardom in The Witches of Eastwick, Married to the Mob, The Fabulous Baker Boys and of course, Batman Returns in 1992.

Pfeiffer’s Selina Kyle has become the stuff of legend – from her fabulous curly blonde hair, to her black overcoat and her sparkly LBD. And that’s even before her transformation into Catwoman – in the black leather catsuit with white stitching and of course, the whip – there’s no question that she’s definitely one of the best Batman villains. Miaow.

Co-star Michael Keaton correctly summarised Pfeiffer’s performance as; “She pulled off the almost impossible combo of sexy, ironic, tragic, dangerous and just plain good.” And Pfeiffer says she wouldn’t rule out revisiting the cat suit; “It would depend on the context but, yeah, I’d consider it.” While it may sound ridiculous, not many people thought that Keaton would ever don the bat suit again, but that has happened. With more and more actors returning to legacy roles after decades away, the possibility is not out of the question.

Paul Rudd describes filming the Tony Stark funeral scene in Avengers: Endgame, saying he was overwhelmed meeting the casts of Guardians and Black Panther for the first time. “And when our crew (from Ant-Man) showed up, and we had Michelle Pfeiffer, it felt like, among all those Avengers, we had the coolest group. And I remember walking around at the little mixer afterward, and having, like, Ruffalo and Hemsworth go, like, ‘Holy shit, it’s Michelle Pfeiffer.’”

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