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James Wan will return for Aquaman 3 on one condition

We thought Aquaman would be washed away after the upcoming second movie, but James Wan admits he could be tempted to work in the DCU again.

Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry in Aquaman 2

While all the signs have pointed to Aquaman 2 being the end of the character’s time in the DCU, director James Wan has revealed he would be up for making a third movie, if he is given enough freedom by James Gunn and Peter Safran.

The last we heard, the DCU was going to completely recast all the existing actors from the DCEU and create a brand new line up of DC characters for a new timeline entirely. In that shake-up, the Aquaman 2 release date was pinned as the final time we would see Jason Momoa as the King of the Seven Seas.

So, it would seem James Wan has no role to play in the upcoming DC movies, right? Well, the man himself told Empire that he would actually be open to completing an Aquaman trilogy given the chance.

“I haven’t directed a third movie [in a series] before, so I’d be open to doing another [Aquaman] if I got the same freedom I’ve had on these first two,” Wan said. “I’m not sure what direction [Gunn and Safran] are going in, though, so who knows? I’ve learned to never say never.”

Gunn has been pretty transparent about his plans for Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters, and there was no mention of any further adventures under the sea. I would imagine that if Aquaman 2 can pull in similar box office figures to the first film (which made $1.15 billion worldwide), then that could prompt discussions over a third entry in the series.

Of course, one potential issue would be Momoa’s own status as Arthur Curry. According to a report from Variety, the actor has held talks with a view to taking on the role of Lobo in the future of the DCU instead, and if he were to make that move, you’d have to imagine the idea of recasting Aquaman at the same time would be far too messy.

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The idea of Wan continuing his work, however, is massively appealing. He’s made some of the best horror movies of the 21st century, and has such a unique approach to superhero storytelling. When you consider the fact that Gunn is likely to want more adult themes in his slate of new movies, and has already revealed that filmmakers will be given the opportunity to express their own style and tone, Wan does seem like the kind of man you don’t let go easily.

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