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James Gunn calls new DCU rumors “bulls#!t”

James Gunn the architect of the new DCU is taking no prisoners when it comes to scoopers and and he's here to debunk Waller rumors.

James Gunn and Viola Davies, aka Waller

One of the best things about James Gunn taking over the DCU is that he’s not letting scoopers and rumor merchants get away with pedaling nonsense. In fact, he’s putting them down with brutal efficiency, like some weird version of Batman who hates gossip.

But what DCU rumors got Gunn so exercised now? Well, someone on Threads (yes, Gunn is the only person alive who is still using Threads) asked whether the upcoming Waller show had been canceled due to budget concerns. Gunn replied in a rather blunt fashion that the rumor was, in fact, “bullshit” before confirming Christal Henry and Jeremy Carver are still working on the TV series.

DC fans will be well acquainted with Viola Davies’ Waller by now (and if you’re not, maybe check out our guide explaining how to watch all the DC movies in order to catch up on things).

She’s kind of DC’s Nick Fury equivalent, but even more ruthless and definitely less compassionate. Waller runs the Suicide Squad and, judging by Black Adam, a bunch of other shady government shit.

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Waller’s show was announced during Gunn’s Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters presentation, which outlined the initial lineup of upcoming DC superhero movies and TV shows. We know that Davies will be reprising the titular role, which means she’s one of the very few DC characters, alongside Peacemaker, to make the leap from the Snyderverse to the new DCU.

To be honest, we understand why Gunn wouldn’t want to reboot Waller in his new cinematic universe. Casting Davies in the role of ‘The Wall’ was one of the best decisions David Ayer made while making The Suicide Squad. Davies just gets Waller in the same way JK Simmons clearly gets J. Jonah Jameson, and Robert Downey Jr understands Tony Stark.

Viola Davies as Waller

Getting rid of her would have been a mistake and damaged the DCU before it even took flight. Speaking of flying, do you want to know more about the new Superman, David Corenswet? Well, in that case, check out our guide breaking down everything you need to know about Superman Legacy.

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