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Is Grant Gustin in The Flash movie?

Ezra Miller's version of Barry Allen made an appearance on the CW Flash TV series so here's if the DC movie returned the favour and gave Grant Gustin a cameo.

Grant Gustin's Flash races Ezra Miller's Flash

Is Grant Gustin in The Flash movie? Warning spoilers ahead for The Flash movie. You have been warned. Ever since Ezra Miller turned up in Crisis on Infinite Earths, fans of the CW show have wondered if Grant Gustin would appear in The Flash movie.

Well, the new DCU movie is finally here, and while some thought that The Flash release date would never come, we always had faith. If you want to know what our own Tom Beasley thought of the film, you can check out his Flash review here, but honestly, we know what you’re here to learn.

You’re desperate to know if your favorite superhero TV series crosses over with the new DC movie. So is Grant Gustin in The Flash movie? Warning spoilers ahead for The Flash.

Is Grant Gustin in The Flash?

No, Grant Gustin does not appear in The Flash, unfortunately, although at least one member of the Arrowverse cast does show up.

Teddy Sears, who played Hunter Zolomon, aka Zoom, on the popular show, appears as Jay Garrick (The real one this time) when the DC multiverse starts to collapse at the end of The Flash.

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Fans had convinced themselves that Gustin may make an appearance in the movie after Miller made a cameo in The Flash TV series crossover special, Crisis on Infinite Earths, back in 2020. Unfortunately, those rumors turned out to have as much substance to them as Mirror Master’s illusions.

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