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Halle Berry asks Catwoman fans where they were “17 years ago”

Halle Berry has tweeted, joking about where the Catwoman fans were 17 years ago

Halle Berry has tweeted to ask where the Catwoman fans were 17 years ago. Responding to a tweet from 2017 that said “Halle Berry ate her Catwoman role up,” she said; “I’m seeing all the Catwoman love, everybody. Where were you guys 17 years ago (with a laughing emoji).”

Fandom goes in cycles. Even around a decade ago, being a comic book geek was considered a niche interest associated with lonely geeks, reinforced by The Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy. But that was before the MCU and DCEU really kicked into gear, bringing superheroes into the mainstream.

Before Iron Man and The Dark Knight were both released in 2008, the comic book movie landscape was a chaotic place. X-Men (which Berry also starred in, as Storm) debuted in 2000, which started to build an appetite for superheroes on screen, but 2004’s Catwoman was an infamous misfire.

But Halle Berry has always had a sense of humour about her most notorious film role. She famously accepted her Golden Raspberry Award for Catwoman in-person – holding her Oscar (for Monster’s Ball) in one hand and the Razzie in the other, Berry delivered a parody of the emotional Oscar-acceptance speech she had given just three years before.

Now aged 55, Berry is a frequent Twitter user and she has recently used her account to post some training videos related to her upcoming Netflix movie Bruised – which is about an MMA fighter. The film is Berry’s directorial debut and she also stars. But today, she wanted to shout out the Catwoman fans who appear to be coming out of the woodwork;

The character of Selina Kyle/Catwoman has been through many iterations and played by everyone from Eartha Kitt, to Michelle Pfeiffer and Anne Hathaway. Her latest incarnation will be in Matt Reeves’ upcoming film The Batman, where she will be played by Zoe Kravitz.

But, for better or worse, Halle Berry will be long-associated with the character. At least she can have a laugh about it.