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Grant Gustin wasn’t even asked for a cameo in The Flash

It was hard to miss all the different version of Barry Allen in DCU's The Flash, but one key member was never even asked to appear.

Grant Gustin wasn't even asked for a cameo in The Flash

Although The Flash only came out a few months ago, it feels like forever since we last had to lay our eyes on that rubbery CGI mess. As such, we almost forgot just how much of a cameo-fest that movie really was, which makes it even more shocking to remember how Grant Gustin, the small screen Flash, never made it into the film.

DCU fans assumed, given how Gustin played Barry Allen for nine seasons on the CW TV series, that he would be making an appearance in the superhero movie. But The Flash came and went, and Gustin was nowhere to be found in the new movie. Turns out, he was never even invited.

“Never, any at least, no one officially ever called me in as far as I know,” Gustin revealed at GalaxyCon. “My reps never told me if they did. So yeah, no one ever reached out to me about the movie.”

Frankly, this is pretty surprising. We sort of just assumed that maybe he’d been asked, or even shot a scene that later got deleted in the chaos that became the eventual movie. But to be ignored completely? That’s pretty odd for an actor who’s played the titular role for almost a decade.

This is especially strange when you think back on all the various alternate reality superheroes that appeared in the film. Hell, if we can have a Nicolas Cage Superman battling a giant spider, then surely there was room for Gustin.

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What’s more, fans assumed from the beginning that he’d be there in some capacity, considering Ezra Miller’s appearance in the series. In case you missed it, Miller showed up as Allen in Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 4 — an arc that took its name from the famous comic book series.

Mind you, this was years before The Flash ended up being released in theaters. Perhaps there were plans in the DCEU to bring Gustin into the movie side of things, but because production on The Flash became so problematic and delayed, those intentions were lost to history.

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