Dwayne Johnson explains why Black Adam could beat Superman in a fight

Dwayne Johnson is confident that Black Adam could take on Superman in a one on one fight

Dwayne Johnson thinks he could beat Superman in a fight

Who can beat Superman in a fight? It’s a question that’s dominated pop culture basically since the character first appeared in the pages of Action Comics and it’s understandable why. The DCEU ‘s premier hero has more superpowers than Batman has gadgets and is the benchmark by which other superheroes are judged. Well, there’s one character who Dwayne Johnson’s convinced could beat the Man of Steel: Black Adam.

In a recent tweet, the Jungle Cruise star claimed that Adam could easily beat Superman in a one on one fight. “Remember, Superman’s greatest weakness isn’t kryptonite, it’s magic,” he wrote. “Black Adam’s greatest superpower is magic. They both fly at light speed. They both are unstoppable forces. But only one will kill the other. And we know who that is.”

Johnson’s actually showing a surprisingly level of comicbook knowledge. Superman’s most well-known weakness is indeed Kryptonite but he’s also just as vulnerable to magic as any mortal man. In the comics, several villains (and a few heroes) have exploited this key weakness to bring the Man of Tomorrow to his knees.

Superman and Black Adam have actually fought several times in the comics with Clark usually coming out on top. We can’t see Warner Bros ever greenlighting an action movie where the two face-off, though, mostly because Superman’s big-screen future is so up in the air.

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What’s far more likely is that Black Adam will face off against his comic book arch enemy, Shazam. David F Sandberg has already said that Johnson won’t appear in Shazam! Fury of the Gods but a big screen confrontation between the two champions of the wizard seems inevitable at this point.

Shazam had best bring his A-game if he does have to battle Adam. We saw at DC FanDome that the Tyrant of Kahndaq is a brutal fighter who’s unafraid to disintegrate his enemies (or random archaeologists) if he wants to.

Black Adam thunders into theatres on 29 July 2022.