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Brendan Fraser praises lead actor of cancelled Batgirl movie

Brendan Fraser has taken the opportunity to praise Leslie Grace, who was the lead actor of the now-cancelled DCEU superhero movie Batgirl

Leslie Grace as Batgirl in the cancelled Warner Bros. film Batgirl

Brendan Fraser has heaped praise on his Batgirl co-star Leslie Grace, who was set to lead the recently cancelled Batgirl movie. The superhero movie was set to be the venue for the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman, while starring J.K. Simmons as commissioner Gordon, and Brendan Fraser as the villainous Firefly.

However, it was cancelled by Warner Bros. before its scheduled 2022 release as part of a raft of cost-saving measures. It was also rumoured that the movie suffered from negative test-audience scores, and that it didn’t look or feel like a cinematic, theatrical film to be compared with the likes of Wonder Woman or Aquaman. The decision was also partly informed by Warner Bros.’ desire to have DCEU movies all be theatrical blockbusters, rather than streaming service fodder.

The news of the Batgirl cancellation caused a huge outcry from DCEU fans, as well as audiences who were excited to see this cast of characters come together for Batgirl’s story. Many of the action movie‘s actors shared their disappointment at Warner Bros.’ decision, as did the directors.

Now, speaking to Popverse, Fraser has taken the time to reflect on working with Grace after the huge disappointment. He spoke highly of Grace, saying that “Leslie Grace is her namesake. She’s dynamic. She gave a great performance. She’s a stone cold professional. You’re going to see more from her. And I’m looking forward to it.”

Of course, it isn’t particularly surprising to see a movie’s star praising their co-star, but it does make it clear that the cast of the film is particularly united in their support for Grace after the cancellation of her movie.

Leslie Grace and Michael Keaton as Batgirl and Batman in the cancelled Warner Bros. movie Batgirl

The cancellation of Batgirl doesn’t completely rule out seeing the actors return to their Batgirl roles at some point in the future, and Grace could find that she gets a call to don the cowl once again for a future DCEU movie. However, after the treatment of her and the whole cast, whether they’d even be happy to make a return is a whole other issue.

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