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Seven director won’t make Steven Spielberg’s infamous E.T. mistake

When he remasters Seven, thriller movie director David Fincher won't make the same controversial mistake that Steven Spielberg made with family classic E.T.

Morgan Freeman in Seven

David Fincher, director of one of the best thriller movies of all time in Seven, has said that he won’t be making the mistake Steven Spielberg infamously regrets. Fincher is currently in the process of remastering Seven into a 4K restoration, which he says will require some minor changes and fixes.

However, speaking with Variety, he says these adjustments will not change the finished project in any significant way, because he’s “fundamentally against the idea of changing what [the film] is”. Seeming to reference Steven Spielberg, Fincher said he wouldn’t be “[taking] all the guns out of people’s hands and [replacing] them with flashlights”.

For the 2002 re-release of E.T., one of the very best Steven Spielberg movies, the director controversially edited the movie to remove guns from police officers’ hands, replacing them with the less intimidating walkie-talkies. It’s a move Spielberg has been open about regretting, recently sharing that he wishes he’d never made the edit.

Thankfully for fans of Seven, Fincher clearly is conscious of Spielberg’s mistake and will be careful to preserve the integrity of the movie as is. Now, fans can look forward to the 4K remaster without fear of unnecessary changes.

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Released in 1995, Se7en isn’t just one of the best ’90s movies, but one of the best movies of all time, period. Starring Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kevin Spacey, it’s a defining classic of the crime thriller genre, following two detectives on the hunt for a vicious murderer.

The movie received an uneven response upon its release, with critics and audiences being uncertain about the its bleakness, darkness, and explicit (and implicit) graphic violence. Nevertheless, it scored big at the box office, and would go on to bag an Oscar nomination too.

Now, rightly, the perception of the movie is far more unanimously positive.

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