Community movie becoming “more likely”, says Joel McHale

Fans of comedy series Community have long hoped of a big screen outing for the gang, and star Joel McHale says a Community movie is becoming more likely

Joel McHale as Jeff in Community

Ever since Community ended in 2015, fans of the TV series have long hoped they would see the gang reunited on the big screen, after a movie adaptation was teased by creator Dan Harmon. Now, one of the stars of the show, Joel McHale, has told fans that the Community movie is becoming “more likely.”

The American sitcom first aired way back in 2009, and starred the likes of Alison Brie, Donald Glover, Ken Jeong, and Chevy Chase, who all formed part of a hilarious group of adult learners at Glendale Community College. The show was also something of a platform for the careers of Anthony and Joe Russo, who have now become integral to the MCU, and composer Ludwig Göransson, who has scored science fiction movies like Tenet, and The Mandalorian on the streaming service Disney Plus.

In a recent interview with, Joel McHale revealed that he believes the Community movie to be increasingly more likely to happen, and has far more confidence that the project will see the light of day now, than he did in the past.

“Before when I’d answer the question, I’d be like, ‘Maybe, I have no idea.’ But now, with its success on the streamers during the pandemic, the interest has returned,” McHale explained.

“I would say it’s more likely than it was before, definitely, but it’s like building an aircraft carrier,” the actor said. “You go, ‘We’re gonna do this, right? Yeah, okay, everybody’s here, we got the money.’ Now, this thing has to actually get built.”

“There’s a lot more than just ‘Hey, let’s make a movie now, great.’ It’s a lot of moving parts,” McHale added. “So I’m more positive than I was, definitely, but we’ll see. That’s a terrible answer, but definitely better than my answer two years ago.”

Let’s hope the rumoured comedy movie does eventually see the light of day!