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Jackie Weaver appeared on Mastermind and The Chronicles of Riddick was her specialist subject

Jackie Weaver may have no authority in Handforth council's Zoom meetings but she's certainly an authority on Vin Diesel science fiction movies

Jackie Weaver and Vin Diesel

Jackie Weaver may have no authority in Handforth council’s Zoom meetings, but she’s certainly an authority on Vin Diesel science fiction movies. Weaver – who shot to international memedom last year after a confrontation with the rather grumpy council chairman Brian Tolver – recently appeared on the notoriously difficult BBC quiz show Mastermind and her specialist subject was none other than The Chronicles of Riddick.

Weaver announced the news she was appearing on the celebrity edition of the programme on Twitter. “I can’t believe I got to sit in the black chair and take part in Celebrity Mastermind,” she wrote. “You can see how I get on answering questions about my Specialist Subject, The Chronicles of Riddick, on Saturday.”

The council clerk turned celeb faced stiff competition from Blue boyband member Anthony Costa, former footballer David James, and comedian Ellie Taylor. Scoring 15 points, overall Weaver came a respectable second place. Unfortunately, Taylor’s mastery of Spice Girls’ trivia trumped Weaver’s knowledge of Vin Diesel’s sci-fi series though and she walked home empty handed.

Weaver appeared on Good Morning Britain following her loss, where she joked about being robbed of top place. “I really was [robbed]. I can’t say that because it sounds really bitter. My specialist subject was the Chronicles of Riddick. A perfect combination. I like Vin Diesel, but I am absolutely mad on sci-fi, anything like that.”

The Chronicles of Riddick is, of course, Vin Diesel’s other franchise (the others being Fast and Furious and the MCU). The series follows the ludicrously named Richard B. Riddick, the last known member of the Furyans – a race of technologically altered super soldiers.

A criminal and a mercenary, Riddick nevertheless has a good heart and is often roped into general heroics as he battles a myriad of enemies. If, like Jackie Weaver, you love a bit of Diesel, check out our guide of the best action movies.