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Chris Hemsworth calls new movie “the hardest thing” he’s ever done

Chris Hemsworth will soon be back in Extraction 2 on Netflix, which ramps up the action from the first movie so much, he says it's the hardest thing he's done.

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction 2

Chris Hemsworth is used to punishing his body onscreen in multiple different action movies – most famously the Marvel Thor movies, of course. In 2020, he starred in Netflix movie Extraction, which was extremely stunt heavy. However, Hemsworth says that its follow up Extraction 2 was even more punishing.

“It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” Hemsworth told Total Film magazine. “I’m not exaggerating. At the end of a take, you’re sucking air like you never have before, and everyone drops to their knees. But it’s so much more rewarding. I would love to take this style and integrate it into a Marvel film, if I was ever to do another one.”

“It was like, ‘I don’t know if I can get to the end of this round,'” said Hemsworth, when asked about filming  a 20-minute-long ‘one-shot’ scene. “It’s like a boxing match: ‘When is the bell going to ring? When are they going to call cut?'”

Hemsworth continued; “I couldn’t get a stunt double to come in and do any of the oner, because it’s me all in-camera and there’s no hiding around the edits. So I had this physio on set who was named The Wizard. He would see me just sit there and start leaning in a different way. He’d grab me, pull me aside and quickly dig his hands into my back and my shoulder or whatever, and send me back out there.”

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“I’d get home and it would be straight into the ice bath, right into the sauna, and physio. A few anti-inflammatory tablets. And then back out there.” Let’s hope that all of that effort and pain makes Extraction 2 one of the best Chris Hemsworth movies.

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