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Buffy ended up saving a family’s life (seriously)

Turns out Buffy didn't just slay vampires, she also unknowingly helped to save an entire family thanks to a very devoted fan of the show.

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy the Vampire Slayer

We all know Buffy loved to take on vampires, right? But did you know the renowned TV series actually once saved an entire family, after a devoted fan refused to miss the finale of the show, allowing him to avoid a disaster.

The ‘90s TV show starred Sarah Michelle Gellar as the titular vampire slayer, and has maintained an incredible legacy as one of the very best fantasy series of all time. While the show saw Buffy battling all sorts of monsters and generally being a hero, this story proves just how much of a lifesaver the fictional badass actually was.

A TikTok user shared a story on the platform where their dad explained how his whole family had gotten trapped in a storm cellar, and he was the only one who could let them out. The best part is, he wasn’t in the storm cellar because he wanted to watch Buffy instead.

The dad says: “The season finale of Buffy was coming on and I wasn’t gonna miss it. There were sirens going off about a fucking tornado and your mama was so scared so she got all y’all kids and all the neighbours go down into the storm cellar.”

“So I sit there and I think fuck it, I’m watching Buffy. After about two or three hours, after Angel goes off, y’all are nowhere around. I go out back and you are all screaming asking to be let out. I see a big oak tree had fallen on top of the door. So if I was in that cellar with y’all, no one would be there to let you out and we’d all have been dead,” he added.

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The TikTok user then concludes the clip by proclaiming: “So literally, we all owe our life to Sarah Michelle Gellar.” Never before have truer words been spoken.

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