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Stephen Graham’s new TV series Bodies is taking over Netflix

Bodies, the new thriller series starring Stephen Graham, is impressing Netflix subscribers, and it's easy to see why it's caught everyone's attention.

Stephen Graham in Bodies

There’s no better time of year to watch a chilly thriller series than in October, and Bodies is the latest Netflix show to shoot to the top of the streamer’s top ten charts. And unlike the murder in the show, it doesn’t take a detective to figure out why it happened.

Based on the Vertigo comic series of the same name, Bodies is a murder mystery with a twist. The show sees three detectives work on the same case in three different time periods in London. It’s basically a blend of tried and true British crime drama with time travel thrown in for good measure, and it’s honestly one of the best Netflix series we’ve sat through this year.

It comes as no surprise to us then that the thriller series is currently number one in the UK on the series chart after dropping on the streaming service on October 19. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know the unique idea behind it, and the quality cast makes it an exciting watch.

If you haven’t seen it, you can press play on episode 1 right now. The story opens with a dead body in Longharvest Lane in present-day London. The same body is then found in the same spot in 1890, 1941, and 2053. As detectives from each era investigate, they’re pulled into a plot that could change London forever—just the usual on-the-job stuff, then.

In 2023, Detective Hasan finds the body during a protest. In 1941, it’s Detective Whiteman, a Jewish man who facing anti-Semitism in his department. In 1890, it was the closeted Detective Hillinghead. Episode 1 ends with a short peek at the fourth in 2053, living in dystopian London.

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From the mystery at the center to the wildly different periods it’s set in, the show has quickly racked up things to boast about. Bodies is a sleeper hit after not really making much of a splash during its run-up, but subscribers and critics alike are eating it up. The genre-blurring plot feels fresh, and Stephen Graham as a frontman is never a bad thing.

So, while we wade through the best TV series and new movies on offer this season, we’re making time travel our top priority. When you get tired of the best Netflix movies and rewatching Halloween favorites for the millionth time, use our Netflix codes to jump straight into the thriller genre.