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Black Mirror season 6, episode 5 ending explained

Charlie Brooker puts a slightly romantic spin on the apocalypse in 'Demon 79', and we break down everything in the Black Mirror season 6, episode 5 ending.

Black Mirror season 6, episode 5 ending explained

What happens in the Black Mirror season 6, episode 5 ending? Charlie Brooker brings the show in a fascinating direction for the climax of the latest season, causing the apocalypse, but in a sort of romantic way!

Black Mirror has returned, and one of the best sci-fi series is as relentless as ever. For the last Black Mirror episode of season 6, ‘Demon 79’, we get a riff on classic horror movies, where a women, Nida, draws the attention of a demonic entity, Gaap.

Gaap tells her she has to kill three people in three days, or the world will end. No pressure. Anyway, the Black Mirror season 6, episode 5 ending hinges on that mission. Does Nida succeed? Read on to find out!

What happens at the end of Black Mirror season 6, episode 5?

Black Mirror season 6, episode 5 brings the end of the world as we know it, as Nida failed to kill three sacrifices within the time limit. She’s got something of a happy ending, though, because Gaap invites to her to join them in eternity.

For the last murder, Nida targeted Michael Smart, a conservative politician who was going to lead Britain towards fascism. Gaap believed it to be a bad idea, but Nida was undeterred, driving Michael off the road.

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She’s interrupted by detective Len Fishman, who convinces her not to finish the job as Michael crawls out of the wreckage. At this point she gives up, because she’d have to take Len out as well because he’s a witness.

We move to an interrogation, where Nida is explaining everything. The talisman’s now a domino, and the whole thing sounds increasingly like some form of psychological episode. She braces herself for midnight to strike, and… nuclear war starts to break out.

Gaap reappears, confirming the end of days has arrived. Oh well, we had a pretty middling run! As one last gesture, they offer to bring Nida into demon oblivion. They’ll be stuck together, but it’ll be better than the after life full of all the people that disrespected Nida, and they walk into the burning horizon together.

Black Mirror season 6 episode 5 ending explained

Does Black Mirror season 6, episode 5 have a post-credits scene?

Black Mirror season 6, episode 5 does not have a post-credits scene. ‘Demon 79’ ends with the obliteration of our species, so it’s only right to let the curtain fall, really.

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