Best Black Friday headphone deals in 2022

From Beats to Bose, we'll gather together all the best Black Friday headphone deals this year to make your discount shopping a whole lot easier

The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday headphone deals for 2021

If you want to grab all of the best Black Friday headphone deals this year, you can count on us. Bookmark this page and consider it your headphone deals hub, because we’ll be updating this page with all the exciting Black Friday deals that we can find when the time comes.

Headphones are going to be an important part of a TV or movie fan’s repertoire, because they give you the chance to enhance your audio-visual experience. Mumbled or whispered dialogue becomes clear, the beauty of the soundtrack resonates more deeply, and all that at a discount rate if you get your headphones during Black Friday.

Of course, headphones can be a little bit expensive sometimes, which might encourage some of you to stick with the cheap earphones you picked up at the supermarket, but if you go for something a little fancier, the difference is night and day. With big brands like Beats, Bose, and Sony all taking part in the Black Friday festivities, there should be a lot to choose from amidst the Black Friday sales.

When is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday will fall on November 25 this year, with Cyber Monday then taking place on November 28. Of course, we’ll be loosing our deal hunting gremlins from the start of November onward, because we know that more and more retailers start doing “early Black Friday deals” throughout the month.

How to find the best Black Friday deals

If your number one concern is finding a good headphone deal this Black Friday, then check back on this page closer to the time, because we’ll be listing all the highlights here to save you having to check dozens of websites. We also have guides for Black Friday TV deals, and Black Friday entertainment deals, if there’s anything else you’re after.

Headphone deals ahead of Black Friday

While the best deals are usually saved for Black Friday, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any appealing offers on the internet already. Here’s a few we’ve been able to turn up: