Harry Potter Funko Pops: the most popular figures to add to your collection

We've taken a look at the ten Harry Potter Funko Pop figures fans are most keen to get their hands on.

Ron, Harry and Hermione Funko Pop figures on a white background.

The Harry Potter range of Funko Pops is among the most in-demand that Funko has released. Is it any surprise? This multimedia franchise has introduced us to a plethora of iconic and beloved characters, from Dumbledore to Dobby, Ginny to Voldemort, and everybody else in between – each of them makes a memorable addition to the Potterverse, and everybody who has read or watched the series has their own favourite.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan looking to start a Funko Pop collection or are planning to buy some Harry Potter Funko Pops for a fan in your life, knowing that there are now loads and loads of them might seem a bit daunting, so here’s our guide to the ten most popular figures to get you going.

Obviously, the Harry Potter cast is huge so some of your favourite Harry Potter characters may be missing from our list, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have Pop figures. Practically every character in the series has a Funko Pop (and many of them have several versions), but these are the ten that internet users look for most frequently.

The most popular Harry Potter Funko Pops are:

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Harry Potter

Of course, everybody wants Harry Potter. He’s The Chosen One, The Boy Who Lived and star of all the main movies and books. Gosh, it almost seems a little silly to write any kind of introduction for him, because even people who have never seen the films or read the novels know who Harry Potter is by now.

Being such a popular character, he has quite a selection of Funko Pops. You can basically buy him in just about every single outfit that Daniel Radcliffe wore while playing the character, but probably the most iconic one is the standard Harry Potter, wearing his Hogwarts uniform and ready to cast a spell. Accio Funko Pop, indeed.

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Draco Malfoy

Every good hero needs a rival and in the case of Draco Malfoy, he’s very much become an icon in his own right. Despite his nasty ways, many fans are very fond of Draco, thanks in no small part to Tom Felton’s excellent portrayal of him in the movies.

Perhaps due to his popularity, Draco Malfoy Funko Pops can be a little harder to track down. His standard figure (in his uniform with his wand, like Harry) is quite rare and will set you back a bit more than some of the others – but, hey, on the other hand, that would make this figure a particularly great gift for any fans in your life. If you don’t mind one of his variations (for example, with a whip spider on his face, or in his Quidditch uniform) then you can grab them at much lower prices than the standard Malfoy. Scared, Potter?

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Hermione Granger

Good old Hermione. If it weren’t for all her help, Harry would be long dead and the wizarding world would be cowering under the iron fist of Lord Voldemort. She’s definitely one of the most beloved characters in the series and, of course, the fantastic Emma Watson probably has something to do with that.

Much like Harry, Hermione Funko Pops come in many shapes and sizes. If she wears an outfit in one scene that you think looks particularly great, you can almost be certain that there’ll be a Funko Pop of it. Thankfully, the standard Hermione isn’t too rare, so you can get that one without having to spend too much. Other popular variations are Hermione in her Yule Ball dress, or Hermione and her casual clothes holding a time turner.

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Ron Weasley

Ron, Ron, Ron. Always there to provide us with a little bit of comic relief whenever we need it. The character was charming on paper and then expertly brought to life by Rupert Grint. As part of the main trio, it’s easy to understand why a lot of fans are keen to get their hands on a Ron Funko Pop.

Just like Harry and Hermione, it’s easy enough to find a standard Ron in his Hogwarts uniform and there are lots of variations as well: Ron with Scabbers and Ron in his winter holiday clothes, to name a couple.

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Sometimes when I close my eyes and think, I can still hear the sound of your voice, the sound of your laugh. I remember the way your mouth would curl as you smiled. I remember the warmth of your touch. What frightens me more than anything else in this world is the thought that one day I won’t be able to remember those things… Ahem.

If that’s how you feel about Dobby the House-elf (and no judgements here), then maybe you should invest in a Dobby Funko Pop. There are only a few small variations on Dobby Funko Pops, most of them have him doing different things with his hands, but what’s worth noting is that you can get a giant ten-inch Dobby who dwarfs many of the other figures in his typical grubby pillowcase attire. A very fitting tribute to this beloved character.

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Sirius Black

Sirius was the closest thing to family in Harry’s life following the death of his parents, if you exclude the Dursleys (and we do, except maybe Dudley by book seven). After his introduction in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Sirius became an almost instant hit with the fans. The most solid link between the modern day and the tragic past that surrounded the murder of Lily and James Potter, the love that the enigmatic Sirius expresses towards his godson is most touching and it’s easy to see why he’s such a popular character.

As far as Sirius Black Funko Pops go, you’re spoilt for choice: you can get a standard Sirius, you can get him wearing his Azkaban prison clothes and you can even get him in his dog form. His standard edition is fairly common, so you should be able to get it without having to fork out too many Sickles or Knuts.

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Ginny Weasley

Though we first met Ginny in the first book/film, it was in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets that she first really had a chance to step into the spotlight. Unfortunately for her, that was because she was under the influence of Tom Riddle’s Horcrux. As she grew older, she became an accomplished Quidditch player and a key figure in the battle against Voldemort, coming a long way from the little girl that he used for his schemes.

Ginny has had several Funko Pop figures over the years, with Yule Ball and Quidditch variants (among others) available in addition to her standard Hogwarts uniform. She’s ever so slightly rarer than some of the other characters, so you might find yourself paying a little bit more for a Ginny Weasley Funko Pop, but she’s not ridiculously expensive.

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Rubeus Hagrid

It’s Hagrid, the fun (and slightly strange) magic uncle that we all wish we had. Despite being physically enormous at over eleven feet tall, he’s very much a gentle giant with a very soft, nurturing personality. He’s very easy to love, particularly when you see him being so caring towards even the most vicious magical creatures.

Since the character himself is so much bigger than all the others, the Hagrid Funko Pop is six inches tall, making him about double the size of all the others. On top of the standard figure, there are a few different Hagrids out there, all of them holding different items. You can also get Hagrid’s Hut as a set, which comes with a special figure of his dog, Fang.

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At this point in time, it’s safe to say that Voldemort has truly earned his place on our best Harry Potter villains list. Perhaps part of the reason Voldemort has been so successful as a villain is that he’s not just an evil baddie who wants to blow up the world, but someone who represents the oppression of minorities. His hatred of non-magical peoples has many parallels in the real world, so to see the heroes fight (and win) against Voldemort feels very cathartic.

There are a few Voldemort Funko Pops available, including one of him holding Nagini, which is pretty cool. Those looking for the standard Voldemort shouldn’t have too much trouble, as he is fairly easy to come by and not particularly expensive.

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Albus Dumbledore

The headmaster of Hogwarts also happens to be one of the best characters in the series. I’m sure we’ve all wished for a Dumbledore-esque mentor figure in life from time to time… ignoring the fact that he’s a shifty and manipulative little devil, but then, aren’t all elderly mentors (I’m looking at you, Obi-Wan Kenobi). Still, who among us is without flaws? Nobody. Dumbledore remains a beloved character and his sudden death in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix remains as harrowing now as it was back then.

Dumbledore has been blessed with a number of Funko Pops (and why not, he’s history’s first gay magic headteacher – what a distinction!), so you can choose between a number of his different outfits if you’re thinking of buying one. His standard one is based on Michael Gambon’s portrayal of him in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

So those are ten of the most popular Harry Potter Pop Funko figures and we hope that that helps anyone who’s looking to start their collection, or who wants to get a gift for a Potter-head. In the moode to revisit the films? Read our guide on how to watch the Harry Potter movies in order so you can start your marathon today.