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Better Call Saul star didn’t know they’d be part of Breaking Bad cameo

When the cast of Better Call Saul heard that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul would be making cameo appearances, they didn't know who would share scenes with them.

Better Call Saul

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Rhea Seehorn – best known as Kim Wexler in Better Call Saul – she discusses her upcoming TV series which Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan wrote for her, as well as filming Aaron Paul’s Better Call Saul cameo.

Seehorn found it difficult to shoot the cameo scene, because it had to be out of sequence, due to Paul’s availability. They hadn’t shot Jimmy and Kim’s break up yet, but in the scene she’s holding divorce papers; “they told me what that scene was and that made it possible to play the scene with Aaron, which was thrilling. I knew that [Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston] were coming back, but I did not know I would have a scene with either of them. So that was exciting.”

Seehorn says that she was saying goodbye to Vince Gilligan, when he said; “Well, I actually wrote something for you if you’re interested.” Seehorn continues; “And then I literally cried. I just started bawling. He said that there is this thing that’s been brewing and stewing in his head for a while.”

Seehorn continues discussing their upcoming TV series; “There were these different elements of the story, but it wasn’t quite working. So you’d have to ask him, but he said at some point along the way of doing Better Call Saul, he was watching me, getting to know me, getting to know the way I work and realised that he should write it for me. And then it started to work, which is how he explained it. I’m sweating saying it because it’s a flattery and a compliment that is almost hard to accept.”

Apple TV has bought Gilligan’s new series, following a bidding war. The streamer ordered two seasons and outbid at least a half-dozen other networks and platforms in the process. Little is known about it other than the fact that it is not in anyway connected to Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul, and in fact is said to stray from the antihero character type who was the central figure in both shows.

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