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Host Blu-ray Review

Host is a charming, enjoyable and snappy little horror film, with some genuine scares.

Wonder Woman 1984 Review

While Wonder Woman 1984 takes affirmative action to course correct it's predecessor, the plot doesn't do enough to hold it up.

One Night In Miami Review

Marvellous performances and respectful direction make this a film that deserves your attention.

Robin's Wish Review

Although enlightening this documentary doesn't hold attention. One more for keen fans than curious viewers.

Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History: Female rule breakers in film

Where do women fit in amongst the rule breakers in film?

Beyond Rain Man: Where do Autistic people see themselves in Film & TV?

Autistic characters are everywhere, the spectrum isn't what you think, and we can't all count cards.

Call The Midwife Christmas Special 2020

Erika Bean returns to Nonnatus House for the Call The Midwife Christmas Special

Let Him Go Review

A film that belongs in the lexicon of great modern westerns

I Am Greta Review

I Am Greta gives us a glimpse at the girl behind the speeches. Inspiring, honest and brilliant.

The TDF Top 10: Bones

In the latest TDF Top 10, Erika Bean looks under the skin of the top 10 episodes of Bones

Bad Hair Review

Bad Hair addresses some important issues but some of the humour fails to land.

TDF Top 10: Fringe

In our latest TDF Top 10, Erika Bean visits the multiverse to seek out the top 10 episodes of Fringe

Companion Pieces: The Fisher King and Welcome to Marwen

Fantasy worlds and childrens toys help these men process real world trauma.

Amulet Review

A gruesome, tragic and chilling horror