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Another Life cancelled by Netflix after two seasons

Another Life, a Netflix original drama TV series focussed on the possibility of extra terrestrial life, has been cancelled after two seasons

another life cancelled

Another Life, an original Netflix series, has become the latest victim of the streaming service’s swinging axe, according to star Kate Sackhoff on Twitter.

In a Twitter statement posted on February 21, Sackhoff revealed that the TV series’ recent second season — which dropped in October — was its last. “I’d like to thank everyone single person who watched & supported Another Life on Netflix,” she wrote. “To our crew & cast thank you for always working so hard & being prepared. I wish we could do more seasons but sadly it’s just not in the cards. See you on the next adventure. Love Niko.”

Sackhoff previously hinted that the sci-fi series was coming to an end in December 2021. In response to a viral tweet, which read, “Let’s have Netflix run the next pandemic. They don’t let anything get three seasons,” Sackhoff replied, “Well ain’t that the damn truth.” In Another Life, Sackhoff played Captain Niko Breckinridge of the Salvare spaceship. The series follows her and her crew as they attempt to determine the origin of an unidentified flying object that landed on Earth.

After Sackhoff announced the cancellation, Yellowjackets star Rekha Sharma, who joined season two of Another Life as Dr Ursula Monroe, paid tribute on Twitter.

“Grateful I was there for a wee spell, Katee – What a gift it was!” she wrote. “A big fat thank you to all of you who supported our show. It truly means so much to us… and a sweet kiss goodbye to the Salvare and all her creators – thank you for the voyages you took us all on!”

Another Life, which was created by horror series Slasher showrunner Aaron Martin, debuted on Netflix with its first season on 25 July, 2019. The second season was delayed due to the pandemic but eventually arrived on 14 October 2021.

Both seasons of the show are available to stream on Netflix.