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And Just Like That season 2 is bringing back the best character

And Just Like That was missing the quintessential spark that made Sex and the City work, but thankfully the show's best character is returning to fix that.

And Just Like That season 2 cast

It may surprise you to read this, but we’re big fans of Sex and the City here at The Digital Fix. Oh sure, we spend most of our time writing about superhero movies, Spider-Man, and other nonsense, but at the end of the day, everyone loves a mimosa and some saucy gossip in the morning, and that’s why we were drawn to And Just Like That.

Unfortunately, And Just Like That just didn’t scratch the same itch that Sex and the City did. It was like a mimosa with too much juice and not enough champagne, it was almost right but not quite right, and let’s be honest, we all know what was missing. It was Kim Cattrall.

I have no shame in saying Samantha was the reason Sex and the City was considered one of the best comedy series of its day, and her absence was sorely noted. So we’re thrilled to report as the, And Just Like That season 2 release date approaches that, Cattral will be back for the new series.

According to Variety, there is a catch, Cattrall will return for the season 2 finale. We’ll only get one scene with Samantha, and she won’t interact in person with any of her friends. Instead, it’ll just be a phone call with Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker).

Fair play to Cattrall for indulging the fans by making a cameo, but don’t expect this to be a reoccurring thing. Apparently, this is a one-and-done appearance, and Samantha won’t become a recurring character.

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Samantha was handwaved out of the show in And Just Like That’s first season when Carrie explained she’d moved to London after a fallout with her friends. Cattrall didn’t appear in the first season and was pretty emphatic that she was done playing the character after a fallout with Parker.

Clearly, something’s changed but not enough to convince the star to reprise Samantha permanently. Anyway, that’s enough about Sex And The City. Let’s get back to the stuff we normally write about, like Star Trek. Did you know Catrall is in one of the best Star Trek movies? She’s also currently working on the Robert De Niro comedy movie About My Father and does a voice on the TV series How I Met Your Father.

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