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American Horror Story season 10 trailer reveals titles for each part

American Horror Story: Double Feature's two parts have titles, and we know one involves aliens

American Horror Story season 10 still from first trailer

The next season of America Horror Story has its first big teaser. American Horror Story: Double Feature, the tenth season of the TV series, finally has a trailer – sort of.

A promotional video dubbed ‘Themes’ was released this week, hinting at all manner of strange goings on within the two-part season. Aliens are definitely involved, that’s one takeaway, making this more of a sci-fi series than usual. They’re performing autopsies, doing surgery on a violin, contorting in pools of water, and hanging around the desert looking generally creepy. The other sticking point is that some pills are doing the rounds. Apart from that, sand and water clash to demonstrate two worlds colliding. Symbolism!

It’s all very typical of the lead-in to a new season from Ryan Murphy’s long-running show. Everything is kept vague to allow us soak it all in once the first episode premieres. This go around, we’re getting the season in two parts, one starting in August this year, the other at an undisclosed later date. Filming on the second part was recently paused due to a positive Covid-19 diagnosis on set. We can expect more on that when everyone’s safe and well.

The video does give us the subtitle for the two halves: part one is ‘Red Tide’, while part two is ‘Death Valley’. We know regulars Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, and Frances Conroy are among the cast for ‘Red Tide’, but ‘Death Valley’ is a small mystery, beyond some newcomers like Denis O’Hare, and Matt Bomer.

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We’ll know more when American Horror Story: Double Feature – Part One: Red Tide starts airing August 25 on FX in the US. We’ll keep you posted on plans for the UK. Here’s the best horror movies on Netflix otherwise.