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Eiza González doesn’t think Ambulance needs a sequel

We sat down with action movie star Eiza González to see whether she thinks Michael Bay's exciting new film Ambulance needs a sequel or not

Eiza González doesn't think Ambulance needs a sequel

Good news for fans of explosions, gunplay, and car chases Michael Bay’s back. That’s right; the action movie auteur has a new film in cinemas called Ambulance. Directed by Bay, this high-octane thriller movie stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Will Sharp, who needs money to pay for his wife’s operation.

Desperate, he turns to his criminal adopted brother Danny (Jake Gyllenhaal,) and the two decide to rob a bank. Things inevitably go wrong, and Danny and Will are forced to hijack an ambulance (hence the title) with EMT Cam Thompson ( Eiza González) on board.

Bay’s, of course, no stranger to franchise work (he’s the man behind the Transformers series after all), so when The Digital Fix caught up with González earlier this week, we were curious to hear if we might soon hear the wail of Ambulance 2’s siren. “I don’t know for sure. If this is sort of, I mean, I don’t know, you should ask Michael Bay,” González said. “Ultimately, not everything needs to be a sequel.”

“I think we get to know the identities of the characters quite well,” she continued. “Sometimes becoming so hungry to explore more sort of encounter, be counterproductive for roles like this. I think that what [Cam] is and who she is beautifully delivered in this movie doesn’t need much. It’s subtle. It’s beautiful.”

González finished by saying she’s delighted her character gets so many “amazing moments”, adding she’s always happy when she gets to work with talented and fun people.

Ambulance is in theatres now.