New Alien movie release date, cast, plot, and more news

Director Fede Álvarez is bringing his horror experience to Ridley Scott's sci fi thriller franchise with the upcoming Alien 7 release date. Here's what we know.

Alien 7 release date: Sigourney Weaver as Ripley with Xenomorph

What is the new Alien movie release date? Somebody call Sigourney Weaver; another Alien film is coming!

Alien and its sequel, Aliens, are both regarded among the best science fiction movies ever made. In fact, in our opinion, they’re two of the best movies of all time, regardless of genre. Since then, though, the sci-fi/horror franchise has struggled to get back to its previous heights. Each new movie after Aliens has had its fans, but each has also been divisive as we’ve hopped back and forth across the Alien timeline.

Now, horror director Fede Álvarez is attempting to reinject some life back into the Alien franchise with a new film, reportedly titled Alien: Romulus. Álvarez is known for his work on the Evil Dead reboot from 2013. He’s a master of gore and tension, which means we’ve high hopes for the Xenomorphs’ next outing. Here’s what we currently know about the Alien 7 release date, cast list, plot, and more.

What is the new Alien movie release date?

Friday, August 16, 2024, is when the new Alien movie will be released in cinemas, and we’re expecting that to stick because filming wasn’t impacted or halted by the ongoing Hollywood strikes.

So, you can start to get excited because we’re now less than a year away, and the seven-year wait for another battle with the Xenomorphs is nearly over. Principal photography on the new movie ran earlier this year between March 9 and July 3, meaning that work on the film ended 11 days before the start of the SAG-AFTRA strike.

If it hadn’t, we’d be expecting a fairly major delay.

Alien 7 release date: Cat in Alien

Who is in the new Alien movie cast?

The main cast of the new Alien movie will feature predominantly younger actors, setting it apart from previous installments.

You might not recognize most names, though the new cast members have each had their roles in some great movies or TV shows.

The confirmed Alien 7 cast list so far:

  • Cailee Spaeny
  • Isabela Merced
  • David Jonsson
  • Archie Renaux
  • Spike Fearn
  • Aileen Wu

You’re likely to know Spaney from the Kate Winslet TV series Mare of Easttown, Fearn from The Batman and Aftersun, and Merced from Transformers: The Last Knight and Sicario 2.

Meanwhile, Jonsson worked in the HBO series industry, and Renaux is known for his role as Mal in Netflix’s Shadow and Bone. As well as having a name that’s an anagram of ‘Alien’ (with an extra E), Aileen Wu is probably the member of the new Alien movie cast who you’re least likely to know. Her work so far has currently been in short movies.

Alien 7 release date: Chestburster scene in Alien

What will happen in the new Alien movie?

No official details of the new Alien movie plot have been released yet, though we do know that Alien 7 will be a standalone film within the Alien franchise, unconnected to any of the previous Alien movies we’ve seen before.

Because it’s an Alien movie, we also know that it’s going to feature at least one Xenomorph. So those are the basics: now time for some speculation.

Given the fact that the new Alien movie features a much younger cast than usual, we think this will play some role in the plot of the movie. Perhaps these are some young pioneers who have established a colony away from the rest of human civilization. Or, maybe they’ve been in cryo-stasis and have been woken up early by an impending Alien threat. It could even be a combination of the two.

Then again, the new Alien movie plot could also focus on something entirely different. Maybe it will swap the classic survival story for something different. As we get closer to release, expect some concrete details to emerge.

Alien 7 release date: Michael Fassbender in Prometheus

Is there a trailer for the new Alien movie?

There’s no trailer yet for Alien 7. But, with the release date now less than a year away, one shouldn’t be too far off.

If we were to guess, we’d estimate that the first trailer for the new Alien movie will be released in February 2024. In the meantime, relive the moment when the Xenomorph first appeared in Alien with the clip below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Where can you watch the new Alien movie?

Alien 7 will release in theaters before eventually moving to streaming.

The film was originally intended to debut on Hulu (giving some sense of the waning box-office power of the franchise), but plans were eventually changed, and now we’ll all get to witness the Alien carnage on the big screen.

That’s everything we know so far about the new Alien movie from Fede Álvarez. For more Alien, see how Bill Paxton improvised one of Aliens’ most iconic lines and why he was genuinely worried about his character before reading our Aliens review. Or, see our picks for the best horror movies if the first Alien movie is still your favorite.