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Young Sheldon season 7 could arrive sooner than expected

Young Sheldon and Abbott Elementary are among the priorities for the networks now that the writers' strike is over, and they could be back in early 2024.

Young Sheldon season 6

With the writers’ guild reaching an historic agreement on September 27, and SAG-AFTRA (the actors’ union) currently in negotiations and hopefully edging towards an agreement – the broadcast TV networks are currently figuring out their upcoming schedules. Comedy series such as Abbott Elementary and Young Sheldon are among the priorities, and writers’ rooms are already being assembled.

The five broadcast networks – ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW – will now be rushing the writers to churn out scripts as quickly as possible, but that was one of the issues that caused the strikes. However, if the AMPTP offer a fair deal to the actors in the next week or two, the networks are optimistic that scripted comedy series such as Young Sheldon could begin rolling out as early as January 2024 – according to The Hollywood Reporter – the ball is very much in their court.

It looks as though the 2024 seasons of some of our favorite shows may consist of 10-15 episodes instead of the usual 20-22. ABC is reportedly looking at a February return for hits including Abbott Elementary and Grey’s Anatomy, but that’s only if the actors’ strike ends very soon.

Multicamera comedies like The Connors and Young Sheldon will be among the first to return to our screens, as those can be shot in about five days. NBC is in the best position of the networks, with seven episodes of The Irrational already filmed and three left. Sci-fi series Quantum Leap also has eight out of 13 episodes already completed. The entire six-episode final season of La Brea has already largely been completed and is ready to go.

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The dramatic season 6 finale of Young Sheldon included an engagement and a tornado destroying Meemaw’s house. Young Sheldon Season 7 will likely feature at least some episodes showing Sheldon and Mary in Germany, as that’s where they were headed at the end of the last season. Sheldon will soon be making the move to CalTech, so season 7 could well be the last – after all, he won’t be young forever.

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