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How to watch You season 3 - where to stream the Netflix TV series

You season 3 is out - where can you see it?

You season 3: how to watch

How can you watch You season 3? Penn Badgley is back as Joe Goldberg, the endlessly charming, ruthlessly homicidal bookstore clerk in the Netflix TV series. Now, he’s going for the quiet life with his wife Love and a newborn child.

But old habits die hard, and soon Joe is pining for neighbour Natalie, and, well, we all know what happens when Joe decides he wants something (or someone). He isn’t just contending with some nosey coworkers now, though, he has Love around, and she’s not going to watch their perfect life together be shattered without a fight. The third season of the TV series created by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble, from the book by Caroline Kepnes, promises to be the most exciting yet, and it is available now.

How can you watch it, though? And are all ten episodes available right now? What streaming services should you subscribe to? We won’t pretend to be half as clever or conniving as Mr Goldberg, but we know how to stay up-to-date with the best movies and TV shows, and we’re here to tell you just how to do that for You.

How can I watch You season 3?

The third season of You is available right now on Netflix. All ten episodes were released on the platform October 15, perfect for an autumnal binge. Putting it all up at once has long been part of Netflix’s strategy for original productions.

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Unlike other services like Amazon Prime or Disney Plus, the platform doesn’t seem interested in releasing something week to week. Instead, we get multiple episodes at once to gorge on. Who needs sleep when there’s great television to get stuck into?

Is Netflix the only streaming service that has You season 3?

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Yes – You season 3 is only available on Netflix. While that might sound a little inconvenient if you don’t have a subscription, Netflix’s ubiquity means you can find the show on any region. So, US, UK, further abroad – you can find the latest season of You on the service right now.

Where can I watch previous seasons of You?

Seasons one and two of You are available on Netflix too, so you can rewatch at your leisure. Alternatively, you can buy them through Amazon Prime, on digital and physical.

For particularly popular shows, Netflix does provide the option of DVD or Blu-ray – Mike Flanagan’s The Haunting of Hill House got the same treatment. These boxsets do tend to be a little bare-bones in terms of extras – You season 1 and You season 2 offer none – but you have the luxury of watching wherever you’ve a disk drive and the display piece on your shelf.