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Uzumaki anime release date delayed again indefinitely

The highly anticipated Uzumaki anime has been delayed yet again, and this time no round new release date has been given to fans of the horror series

Uzumaki anime release date delayed again indefinitely

It is a sad day for all of us horror anime fans as the highly anticipated Adult Swim and Production I.G adaptation of Junji Ito’s Uzumaki has officially been delayed yet again. However, the decision to hold off on the release date of the scary show was made for a good reason – the production team wants it to be perfect before it hits our screens.

The anime series Uzumaki was first announced to be in the works in 2019. Back in 2021, Adult Swim creative director Jason DeMarco broke the news that the anime would only be coming out in 2022, due to complications that the Covid-19 pandemic and changes in the series’ production had caused. Now, the TV series has been postponed yet again. However, no new release window for Uzumaki has been revealed at all.

Although there is now no set premiere date, the production team behind the anime didn’t leave fans entirely in the dark on the state of the upcoming series. Taking to social media, the team shared the reasoning behind the postponement while also thanking followers for their continued support.

Posting a written note on Twitter through the official Uzumaki Anime account, the team wrote: “Thanks to everyone for their interest, and positive comments about our Uzumaki anime adaption. Unfortunately, the premiere date of the series must again be delayed.”

“In order to replicate the the quality of the intricate designs and detailed line work of [Junji Ito’s] classic manga, Director [Hiroshi Nagahama] and the production team have asked for additional time to recreate Ito’s masterpiece properly,” the note continues.

“As much as we’d like to deliver this show to the public as soon as possible, we don’t want to compromise its quality by delivering a mediocre final product,” the statement continues. “We remain fully committed to pursuing the completion of this work at the highest calibre. We’ll be back with a firm premiere date once we are confident this adaptation is as good as we know it can be. Thank you for your continuing patience and support.”

Ito’s Uzumaki is a well-known horror story centred around a city struck by a supernatural curse. The upcoming adaptation of Ito’s manga will be a four-episode mini-series directed by Hiroshi Nagahama (Mushishi), and feature music composed by Colin Stetson (Hereditary).

While it is upsetting to hear that we will be waiting for an undetermined amount of time to see the show come to life, it is reassuring to know that the reason behind the delay for Uzumaki is quality-related, and that the animators are dedicated to producing the best possible show that they can.

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