How to watch The Menu – can I stream the new Anya Taylor-Joy movie?

Here's how to watch The Menu, a new gastronomical satirical horror movie starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult, and Ralph Fiennes

How to watch The Menu : Anya Taylor-Joy in The Menu

How to watch The Menu. The Menu is a new horror comedy movie from director Mark Mylod, who is known for his work on the TV series Shameless, and the acclaimed drama series Succession.

The Menu follows a young couple who are invited to an exclusive restaurant alongside some wealthy guests. They are taken through a conceptual tasting menu by a celebrity chef, who ensures that their experience – and that of the audience – is packed full of surprises.

The new satirical horror movie also has a cast of some big name actors, led by Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult and former Harry Potter movie star Ralph Fiennes. So, the intriguing premise coupled with a recognisable cast means that audiences are desperate to know how to watch The Menu. 

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How to watch The Menu

The Menu is exclusively available to watch in theatres, having released on November 18th. So, for now at least, if you want to see the new movie the only way to see it is at the cinema.

However, The Menu will likely hit steaming services before too long, probably in early 2023. There has been no indication of any specific date, or any specific streaming platform, but expect some news to drop towards the end of the year, or after the turn of the new year.

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