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The best Toy Story scene has been recreated on TikTok

A TikTok user has recreated the most satisfying scene from the Toy Story franchise in a new video paying homage to the Disney Pixar movie

Woody in Toy Story 2

The Toy Story franchise is perhaps the biggest and most popular animated movie series in the world. Not only has it given us a whole host of wonderful Toy Story characters to love over the years, but it also delivered one of the most satisfying scenes in the history of animation. Now, a TikTok user has recreated the scene from Toy Story 2 – you know the one!

The scene in question is the moment in the second Toy Story movie where Woody, who has been kidnapped by Al McWhiggin, gets a makeover. After years of playing with Andy and his fellow toys, Woody is a little rough around the edges, so in order to maximise his sale value, Big Al arranges for an expert to give the cowboy some TLC.

The elderly antique cleaner comes in and sets to work on our rootin’ tootin’ hero with his array of brushes, paints, and polish. TikTok user Americascobbler has brought the iconic scene to life in a recent video, with a real Woody doll.

Americascobbler is generally known for his work in restoring old shoes on his TikTok account, but when a fan suggested he take on the challenge of recreating the famous sequence from the Pixar movie, he decided to give it a go.

In the video, Americascobbler shows off his own collection of paints and various cleaning utensils, which he puts to good use on his own Woody toy. By the end of the clip, this Woody is as good as news, right down to the name on the bottom of his boot being painted over.

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The scene in the family movie is a brilliant example of just how detailed and meticulous the process of animation can be, and it will go down in history as one of the best moments in the animated series of films.