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The Forever Purge is coming to Blu-Ray this September

Get ready for some Ultra HD killing.

Who doesn’t want to see complete carnage, and some good old fashion anarchy in Ultra HD? The Forever Purge – the fifth and ‘final’ entry in Blumhouse’s hit horror franchise – will be available to buy on Blu-Ray this September, letting you witness the horror movie in full, bloody 4K glory.

The Forever Purge was released last month, and although its title suggests that it is the last movie in the franchise, producer Jason Blum told ScreenRant that he intends to make more Purge films in the future. However, despite not ending this dystopian horror universe, The Forever Purge marks a turning point in the story, and any fans of the violent films will undoubtedly want to add it to their home collection.

The action movie follows the events of the government-sanctioned killing holiday, becoming out of control. Its main gist is that one night, the killing doesn’t stop after the allocated murder time frame, resulting in a Purge that never ends, and a movie that leaves the franchise’s universe in a state of perpetual violence.

Special features on The Forever Purge’s Blu-Ray release include:

  • Deleted scenes
  • An alternate opening storyboard
  • Collapsing the System: Behind The Forever Purge featurette
  • Creeptastic Wardrobe featurette

The Forever Purge and the five-film The Purge collection will be available on September 28 in the US. UK customers can pre-order The Forever Purge on Amazon; however, they will have to wait until December 31 before enjoying the gory film.

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