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How to watch The Northman – can you stream Robert Eggers’s new movie?

Robert Eggers is back with epic Viking action movie The Northman - how can see it, and can you find the film on a streaming service?

How to watch The Northman

How can you watch The Northman? Now that he’s done witches and weird men in lighthouses, Robert Eggers has taken the next logical step and made an action movie about Vikings.

Not just any regular historical epic, though. This is an Eggers production, after all, and The Northman promises a dark, brutal, tale of vengeance, inspired by Amleth, a Scandinavian legend that was a direct inspiration to William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Alexander Skarsgard plays Amleth, a Viking prince who wants revenge on the man who killed his father.

Told across the span of Amleth’s life, The Northman is the largest Eggers film to date, with a star-studded cast, including Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor-Joy, Ethan Hawke, and Björk, and going by the trailers, plenty of bloody violence. An Eggers project is cause for celebration anyway, but one at this scale makes it a proper cinematic event. When can you see what they’ve all gotten up to? Is it possible to stream the adventure movie instead of going to a theatre? We’ve done all the seafaring so you don’t have to!

How can you see The Northman?

Good news for British reads: The Northman is in cinemas from April 15. Unfortunately for US readers, Robert Eggers’s Viking thriller won’t be in theatres there until April 22.

These dates come after one small delay, from early April to late. This is somewhat remarkable, given the film was largely produced in lockdown, and much of the film industry continues to struggle with the effects of the pandemic. Still, if you’d like to see The Northman, your local cineplex awaits!

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Can you stream The Northman?

Right now, no. The Northman is exclusive to theatres wherever it’s available, meaning no streaming or VOD options for the first month or so at the very least.

Beyond that, we should hear word of digital availability as part of the the home media release sometime in the summer. For streaming, The Northman will come to Universal’s own Peacock in the US, and likely Netflix in the UK. This is where The Witch is currently available, and The Lighthouse could first be streamed.