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Where was The Rings of Power filmed?

Rings of Power has been praised for its dramatic scenery and locations, but where was the Rings of Power version of Middle-earth filmed?

Where was Rings of Power filmed - Nori Brandyfoot in Rings of Power

Where was The Rings of Power filmed? The Rings of Power fantasy series is an adaption of  JRR Tolkien’s writing about the events of the Second Age, many years before the events of The Hobbit and the War of the Ring.

The Rings of Power series follows a large host of characters, including Lord of the Rings characters Galadriel and Elrond, as they traverse across the land of Middle-earth to try and address the threat of Sauron as his power grows. So far, the series has taken audiences to Forodwaith, Lindon, the Southlands, Númenor, the Vales of Anduin, and other locations too.

Like Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies, the new TV series from Amazon has been praised for its visual qualities, including its epic locations and some stunning vistas. As the series takes place across the whole span of Middle-earth, in a range of different environments, it has left audiences asking the question: where was Rings of Power filmed?

Where was Rings of Power filmed?

Rings of Power season 1 was filmed in New Zealand. Specifically, the series was shot primarily at a studio in Auckland. Additional on-location filming took place across New Zealand, at beaches, lakes, and mountains such as the Denize Bluffs and Mount Kidd, utilising the country’s natural landscapes and scenery.

New Zealand was chosen, partly, because the country has long been the cinematic stand-in for Middle-earth due to its sweeping landscapes. The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and The Hobbit trilogy were both shot in the country, and Ring of Power season 1 continued that tradition.

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Where is Rings of Power season 2 being filmed?

Unlike the Middle-earth movies, and season 1 of Rings of Power, Rings of Power season 2 looks like it will be filmed away from New Zealand. Production on the series is set to move across the the UK, specifically Scotland.

Scotland was considered for the filming of Rings of Power season 1 and it does share a lot of environmental similarities to New Zealand, with its dramatic coastline, mountains, and lochs. The series’ showrunner Patrick McKay commented on the move, saying it reflected Tolkien’s intentions when creating Middle-earth, and that it was “kind of bring[ing] the property home.”

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