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Rings of Power: Why does Míriel dream of Númenor being destroyed?

In Rings of Power, Queen Míriel dreams about her kingdom of Númenor being destroyed by a great flood, but what's causing these dreams?

Rings of Power : Queen Miriel

Why does Míriel dream of Númenor being destroyed? Míriel, the queen reagent of Númenor, does not sleep easy. In the Rings of Powe fantasy series she dreams of her home, the Kingdom of Númenor, being wiped out in an apocalyptic flood that drowns the Númenoreans and destroys the greatest civilisation of Men that Middle-earth has ever known.

But why does Míriel dream of Númenor being destroyed? What do these dreams mean? And will her prophecy come to pass? Well, we’ve scoured the web, dug out our ancient, well-worn copy of The Silmarillion, and had good hard think about Míriel’s nightmare and here’s what we think it means and where they’re coming from.

Why does Míriel dream of Númenor being destroyed?

It’s not been confirmed, but Míriel’s dreams are likely sent to her by the Valar as a warning of what will happen to Númenor if she does not help in the war against Sauron.

We’ve seen Míriel still keeps the faith of the Valar. She’s the one who noticed the white leaves of Nimloth falling after she banished Galadriel from Númenor and interpreted it as the Valar wanting her to help in the battle against evil.

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Will Númenor be destroyed?

Yes, Númenor will be destroyed. Míriel may serve as the queen reagent for now, but Ar-Pharazôn will eventually usurp her, and in his vanity, he’ll lead Númenor and the Númenoreans into the worship of Morgoth (with a bit of help from Sauron).

This ultimately leads to Ar-Pharazôn leading an army to Valinor and attempting to free Morgoth in the hopes he’d make humanity immortal. Spoilers, this doesn’t go well for the Númenoreans and it ends with the gods forcing Númenor back beneath the sea.