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Rings of Power star explains Isildur is at “crossroads” in Numenor

Isildur is at a pivotal moment in The Rings of Power, and Maxim Baldry has explained just what that means for the Lord of the Rings character

Rings of Power: Is Isildur related to Aragorn? -Maxim Baldry as Isildur in Rings of Power

Rings of Power brings back many Lord of the Rings characters from Peter Jackson’s fantasy movies. Isildur, the son of Elendil, who features only briefly as the one who takes the ring Sauron in the films. He has a full role in the fantasy series, and Maxim Baldry has explained the journey he’s on.

“Isildur is growing up in Númenor and not really fitting in,” he says in a new featurette from Prime Video. “For Valandil and Ontamo, they are a product of what is expected of them and Isildur is like, there’s something more to life and that causes conflict between them.”

In Rings of Power, Isildur is training for the Sea Guard in Númenor. He goes wayward when he’s struck by a desire to return home, and attempts to get himself expelled as a cadet. Unfortunately, he winds up taking his friends with him, which causes conflict. It’s a pivotal time in Isilfdur’s development, explains Baldry.

“We kind of meet him at these crossroads where he wants to leave,” Baldry explains, “but part of him is wanting him to stay to be a family with his father, with his sister. But he’s idealistic. He’s young. He wants change.”

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Taking place in the Second Age of Middle-earth, Rings of Power examines some of the major players in The Lord of the Rings movies when they were considerably younger. Galadriel and Sauron are just two of the more famous faces in JRR Tolkien’s canon to have roles, and while we know where Isildur will end up – and it’s not pleasant – watching his growth is fascinating.

Rings of Power is available on Prime Video, and you can subscribe using our link here. Meanwhile, have a look at the best adventure movies for more seafaring mischief.