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Rings of Power: is Theo’s hilt Sauron’s sword?

Rings of Power: There's something rotten in the Southlands and we don't just mean the orcs, Theo has found a broken hilt which could have belonged to Sauron

Theo holds what could be Sauron's word in The Rings of PowerRings of Power

Is Theo’s hilt Sauron’s sword? In the Rings of Power fantasy series, evil is on the march. While the elves are convinced that Morgoth and his chief lieutenant Sauron have been defeated, we know that a dark plan is underway.

In the Southlands, orcs under the command of Adar have started enslaving the free people, forcing them to dig underground tunnels to protect their evil armies from the sun’s light. We know that they’re searching for a weapon of some kind, but they’ve not found it yet.

Someone who has found a weapon, however, is Theo (Tyroe Muhafidin), the son of Bronwyn (Nazanin Boniadi). Underneath the floor of his barn, he found the hilt of a broken, evil-looking sword. The mysterious weapon bears the sigil of Sauron and is capable of repairing itself from Theo’s blood. But is this the weapon the orcs are looking for? Is Theo’s hilt Sauron’s sword?

Is Theo’s hilt Sauron’s sword?

We learn in The Rings of Power episode 4 from an orc that Theo’s broken blade is indeed the weapon that the Orcs and Adar are looking for. We also learn from the local barman Waldreg that the sword has a connection to Morgoth and Sauron.

“It’s no sword. It is a power fashioned for our ancestors by his master’s own hand, the beautiful servant,” Waldreg explained in episode 4 of the TV series. “He who is lost but shall return. Have you heard of Sauron?” From this line, we can speculate then that the sword was made by Morgoth and given to his most faithful servant, so yes, it may be the new Sauron’s blade.

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Could Theo’s Hilt Belong to Halbrand?

That said, we know Sauron has a fondness for weapons that corrupt, so it’s possible he didn’t use the sword in the traditional sense. Instead, he may have given it to the former king of the Southlands and used it to corrupt him to the side of evil, which would make the sword technically Halbrand’s.

If Halbrand really is the true king of the Southlands (and not Sauron in disguise), then in the future, he could be at risk of becoming a Nazgul should he accept a ring of power from the dark lord. That may make the hilt a Morgul Blade.

Theo holds what could be Sauron's word in The Rings of PowerRings of Power

Is Theo’s sword a Morgul blade?

A Morgul Blade is the weapon of the Nazgul, and like Theo’s hilt, they’re evil weapons that corrupt those who wield them and those they injure. Remember how poor Frodo reacted when he was stabbed at Hilltop in the Lord of the Rings movies? Seriously nasty stuff.

Whatever the sword is, we know that it’s evil and dangerous, which has us seriously concerned for young Theo. If you love Middle-earth check out our guide to the best Lord of the Rings characters.