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The Last Duel is now on Disney Plus UK

Ridley Scott's The Last Duel is now available on Disney Plus UK, while his other 2021 film House of Gucci is showing in cinemas

Ridley Scott’s historical epic The Last Duel is now available on Disney Plus in the UK. The first of two films the 84-year-old director released this year, it struggled somewhat at the box office, despite having the star power of Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Adam Driver. It will now hope to find success on streaming.

Set in medieval France, the film follows Sir Jean de Carrouges (Matt Damon) and his wife Marguerite de Carrouges (Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer), who makes an accusation against Jacques Le Gris (Adam Driver). This leads to the duel of the title. Ben Affleck has been praised for his supporting turn as Count Pierre d’Alencon.

The film was released in cinemas in October and underperformed at the box office, leading Ridley Scott to say a few choice words about Millennials. Unbelievably, Scott released a second film just over a month after The Last Duel, which is House of Gucci (starring Adam Driver) and can be found in cinemas now. It co-stars Lady Gaga, Al Pacino and Jared Leto and is based on the true story of the murder of a high-profile member of the Gucci family.

The Last Duel is also now available on digital in the US, as a premium purchase of $20, before becoming available to rent soon.

The octogenarian Scott is showing no signs of slowing down, with his sci-fi TV show Raised by Wolves still airing. In 2017 he also released a pair of films – Alien: Covenant and All the Money in the World, which famously had last-minute reshoots with Christopher Plummer.

The Last Duel is in three chapters, in which we see the same story retold from the point-of-view of the three main characters. Acclaimed writer-director Nicole Holofcener co-wrote the script with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck – the first time they have written a film together since 1997’s Good Will Hunting, for which they won the Original Screenplay Oscar.

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