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Jensen Ackles wants Supernatural co-star to join him on The Boys

Eric Kirpke, The Boys' showrunner, has managed to drag Jensen Ackles over from his former show Supernatural, and would love to bring Jared Padalecki too

Jensen Ackles The Boys

There was certainly much to discuss after The Boys returned to our screens, with the first three episodes of season three arriving last week. One of the big talking points is undoubtedly the arrival of Jensen Ackles‘ Soldier Boy, who we haven’t seen much of yet, but we are certainly excited to see more from him.

Ackles, who of course is best known for Supernatural, has moved over to Supernatural’s creator Eric Kripke other high-profile genre show. This has prompted fans to question whether Ackles’ Supernatural brother Jared Padalecki will be joining him amongst the dishonorable supes.

“I would love a Jared cameo! He’s always welcome on the show,” Kripke told Variety. “Up to now, the guy is on a network show [Walker] that has however many episodes — like, a lot more than eight. So he’s working all year and now he’s producing his spinoff and he’s got a whole empire going on over there. He’s been a busy man. And it’s been hard to even figure out any time that he’s free. But if he was free and found himself currently unemployed, I would put him on The Boys in a heartbeat.”

“As I think we all know, Jared’s pretty busy starring in his own show, producing a spinoff of that show,” Ackles said. “He’s certainly got his hands full. He and I laugh. We were just talking about the fact that we thought after Supernatural, things would be smooth sailing and we would just be sitting back with umbrella drinks. And it has proved to be the complete opposite of that. He and I thought we would be on a beach with our toes in the sand, and instead we’re both IndyCar racers just kind of gripping the steering wheel for dear life.”

Both Ackles and Padalecki have become busy executive producers – Padalecki with a Walker prequel, and Ackles with a Supernatural prequel.

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