His Dark Materials (2019–)

Two children embark on a magical adventure through parallel universes.

A Discovery of Witches: 2.01

Matthew and Diana travel to Elizabethan London as A Discovery of Witches returns.

His Dark Materials: 2.06 Malice

Events converge on the Cittàgaze in His Dark Material's most exciting episode yet.

His Dark Materials: 2.05 The Scholar

A shocking reunion lies at the heart of the latest His Dark Materials.

His Dark Materials: 2.04 Tower of the Angels

Will learns his destiny in an episode packed with surprises.

His Dark Materials: 2.03 Theft

Lyra and Will fall foul of Boreal as His Dark Materials continues.

His Dark Materials: 2.02 The Cave

Lyra learns more about Dust as a trip to Oxford yields more surprises in the latest His Dark Materials.

His Dark Materials: 2.01 The City of Magpies

Lyra and Will explore a new world as His Dark Materials returns for its second series.

Doctor Who: 12.03 Orphan 55

Terrifying monsters, a strong message but a lack of tension in a very mixed third episode of series 12...

His Dark Materials: 1.08 The Betrayal

A heart-breaking betrayal in the series one finale.

His Dark Materials: 1.07 The Fight to the Death

Events move quickly as the north prepares for war.

His Dark Materials: 1.06 The Daemon Cages

An explosive episode of His Dark Materials, packed with great moments.

The War of the Worlds (2019) Review

A spectacular failure of an adaptation of HG Well's classic novel, that held so much promise.

His Dark Materials: 1.05 The Lost Boy

A beautiful and disturbing episode of His Dark Materials...

His Dark Materials: 1.04 Armour

His Dark Materials introduces the armoured bears as Iorek Brynison meets Lyra Belacqua...

His Dark Materials: 1.03 The Spies

Lyra encounters the Gyptians as the mysteries deepen.

His Dark Materials: 1.02 The Idea of the North

Plenty of world building in the second episode, as Lyra adjusts to her new home in London.