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One of the best horror movies of the year is getting a sequel

A low-budget Australian horror movie with no stars in the cast has made enough money after just one week of release to warrant a sequel from studio A24.

Talk to Me

An A24 horror movie from Australian brothers Danny and Michael Philippou has done well enough at the box office – with $26 million and counting – for a sequel to be confirmed, just over a week since release. Talk to Me had a budget of less than $5 million and has no recognizable stars in the cast. It was a sleeper hit on the festival circuit, generating positive word-of-mouth before release.

Talk to Me has made the same amount of money (in just a week) as vampire movie Renfield – which starred Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult – did during its entire release. Horror movies have generally been a success story at the box office in 2023 so far, and we’re still months away from October’s spooky season. Knock at the Cabin made $54 million, The Boogeyman made $67 million and The Pope’s Exorcist made $76 million.

Four horror movies have crossed $140 million each – Evil Dead Rise, Scream VI, M3gan, and Insidious 5. These four movies had a combined budget of $70 million and have made nearly $700 million, showing how profitable horror can be as a genre.

It’s interesting to compare the success of 2023’s smaller budget horror movies to the bloated budgets of some ‘blockbusters’ including Disney’s Haunted Mansion ($150 million budget, has made $60 million so far), as well as The Flash and Indiana Jones 5 – which have barely made their production budgets back, not counting the enormous marketing and distribution costs.

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A24 confirmed the sequel in a disturbing tweet which has the evil hand from the movie contort itself into the number two. Our four-star Talk to Me review describes it as; “slick, scary, and wildly entertaining. Talk to Me is one of the most original and memorable horror movies of 2023 that holds you in its grip and refuses to let go.”

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