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Makoto Shinkai’s new anime movie gets dazzlingly surreal first trailer

Acclaimed anime filmmaker, Makoto Shinkai, has dropped the first trailer for his new movie and let's get say, that it doesn't disappoint

Makoto Shinkai's new anime movie gets dazzlingly surreal first trailer

In recent years, Makoto Shinkai has become one of the biggest names in anime. He’s the mastermind behind acclaimed animated movies Your Name and Weathering With You; Shinkai’s a filmmaker whose projects are always highly anticipated amongst dedicated fans of the genre. So you’ll be pleased to learn it looks like his next project won’t disappoint either. A new trailer for the anime movie Suzume no Tojimari has been released and is as stunning as you’d expect from Shinkai.

In a press release from Comic Wave Films (via Comicbook.com), Shinkai’s upcoming fantasy movie, Suzume no Tojimari, will reportedly follow the life of a teenage girl named Suzume who encounters a magical door. However, the seemingly harmless door causes destructive portals to open up all around Japan. With the help of a mysterious man, the high school student must save the day by closing the portals before anyone gets hurt.

In the new trailer, we see Suzume encounter the said magic door in what looks to be an overgrown and abandoned town. From there, the music in the teaser clip picks up, and we are greeted with plenty of action sequences, beautiful scenery, and enchanting bright lights.

You can watch the trailer for Makoto Shinkai’s new anime movie below:

YouTube Thumbnail

At the end of the dazzling trailer, it is revealed that the film will release in Japanese theatres on November 11, 2022. Currently, no release date has been given for the movie’s Western premiere. However, we will keep you posted as soon as we know more.

While we wait on more news, you can buy one of Shinkai’s other masterpieces, Your Name, on Amazon now. If you are after more colourful content, here is our guide to the best One Piece characters.