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Sorry Supernatural fans, we’ve got bad news about The Winchesters

We've got some unfortunate news about the Supernatural spin off TV series The Winchesters, which served as a prequel to the story of Dean and Sam Winchester.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in The Winchesters

Supernatural was superpowered by its handsome leading men, scary (for the CW) episodic mysteries, and lively online fanbase. It makes sense, then, that a spin-off TV series titled The Winchesters was greenlit at the network soon after Supernatural ended. Unfortunately, we’ve got some bad news about the fantasy series.

The Winchesters, which followed Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam’s (Jared Padalecki) parents before the events of Supernatural, wrapped its first season with the finale airing on March 7, 2023. The show averaged 790,000 total viewers across season 1.

As the CW restructures, the network has made The Winchesters the latest casualty of its reimagined future in broadcasting.

A season 2 The Winchesters release date is now just as fictional as the demons the Wincher family face in the Supernatural universe, because the series has been cancelled.

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The season 1 finale brought back a fan-favourite character, pulling out all the stops to try to end its junior season on a high. Evidently, this wasn’t enough to save it from poor ratings and a middling critical reception.

Online chatter was minimal, perhaps hinting that tried-and-true franchises don’t capture teen audiences the way they did in the golden age of Tumblr or the early days of Twitter when series with similar demographics like Pretty Little Liars lived and died on the strength of online community.

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