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Steven Spielberg thinks UFOs are being hidden from the public

Steven Spielberg has spoken about the recent spate of UFO activity, describing it as exciting while suggesting that he think there's more to the story.


Steven Spielberg, one of the greatest directors of all time and the man behind science fiction movies such as ET, War of the Worlds, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, believes that aliens are real and that UFOs are being hidden from the public.

The director, who has made some of the best movies of all time and some of the best alien movies, revealed his thoughts after the recent spate of UFO sightings (and confirmation from the Biden administration that objects of an unidentified nature had been spotted over US airspace) while speaking to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

“Oh. It’s exciting. There’s something out there! I don’t know if I’m a believer, in the sense that I’m kind of the person that would think I’ve got to see something like that to believe it… in terms of really believing something I’d have to have my own ‘close encounter’. I’ve never seen a UFO, I wish I did. I’ve never seen anything I couldn’t explain. But I believe there are certain people who have seen things that they can’t explain, that are unexplainable.

“I think what’s been coming out recently is fascinating, just actually fascinating. And I think the secrecy that is shrouding all of these sightings and the lack of transparency – until a freedom of information act compels certain materials to be realised publicly – I think there is something going on that simply needs extraordinary due diligence. I would like to hear more about it.

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The director continued, reflecting on how his love for filmmaking and science fiction shaped his views, “I don’t know what they are, my imagination and my love for [space]… I don’t believe we’re alone in the universe. I think it’s mathematically impossible that we are the only intelligent species in the cosmos.

“At the same time it also seems impossible that someone would visit us from 400 million lightyears from here, except in the movies, unless it figures out some way of ‘jumping the shark’ so to speak, and getting here through worm holes.

“I’m not an astrophysicist. I can’t speak the language of people who do it so well. I just know as a person who makes movies and uses his imagination, and who is insatiably curious about UFOs, that there’s something going on that’s not being disclosed to us.”

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So not only does Spielberg have well-thought out and complex views, he also has his own theories on how extra-terrestrial visitors could be arriving at our planet via wormholes. Spielberg’s views are relatively mainstream, and come amid a sharp increase in news reports relating to UFOs and the topic more broadly. Perhaps, then, inspiration for his next new movie?

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