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Mark Hamill performed Luke’s most impressive Star Wars stunt for real

When it comes to the Star Wars movies, Mark Hamill doesn't do things by halves. That much is clear from one of Luke Skywalker's best stunts.


Mark Hamill himself may not be a Jedi Knight — but he can definitely move like one.

The Star Wars movies are known for their thrilling choreography, from elaborate Jedi flips to epic lightsaber battles. To make these moments happen, George Lucas relied on stunt doubles for the Star Wars cast members. Hamill’s stunt double, Colin Skeaping, is the man responsible for some of the most epic moments in The Empire Strikes Back.

And Hamill paid tribute to his Star Wars character‘s stunt double in new tweets while also sharing some behind-the-scenes insights from the set of the Star Wars movie — and reveals that he even performed one of our favorite stunts himself.

Remember when Luke jumped out the window at Cloud City during an intense duel with Darth Vader? That was all Colin.

“Credit where credit’s due,” Hamill said in the tweet. “My Empire Strikes Back stunt-double Colin Skeaping did expert flip out window. He taught me how to do it with help from a springboard [but] insurance guys were all ‘noooo!’.

To be fair, you can understand why insurers would feel a bit nervous about the movie’s star launching himself out of a window with no training. But it turns out Luke’s coolest stunt was all Mark.

Sharing a photo of his famed one-handed handstand, Mark said it was “actually me” doing the stunt with “no help from Colin.” Though, he admits he did have a little help from a harness…

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