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Long lost Star Wars prop has miraculously been found

The only surviving costume that Carrie Fisher wears as Princess Leia in the original Star Wars movie has been found in an attic, restored, and put to auction.

Star Wars

An extremely significant piece of Star Wars memorabilia is currently up for auction. The only costume that Carrie Fisher‘s Princess Leia wears in 1977’s Star Wars: A New Hope to survive to this day is her ceremonial dress from the movie’s finale. The dress was believed lost for decades, but was found in a London attic before being meticulously restored. We only hope that Chewie’s rightful medal gets restored too.

Beyond its film use, the dress also features on now-iconic Star Wars movie posters including the original Style A one-sheet by Tom Jung. According to PropStore Auction, “Once believed to no longer be in existence, this dress was stored for many years in a London attic. Upon its rediscovery, a meticulous, museum-caliber restoration was conducted by professional textile conservators in London.”

“Over an eight-month period, the dress was thoroughly cleaned by hand to remove years of dust and dirt that had accumulated while in storage. The original structure of the garment was restored with archival precision.” Leia’s signature hairstyles and white outfits in the first movie helped cement her as one of the most recognizable and best Star Wars characters.

Fisher wears the medieval-style dress with long billowing sleeves during the medal ceremony at the end of A New Hope, when Leia bestows medals on Luke Skywalker and Han Solo for their bravery. But not Chewbacca for some reason – sob. Most of Leia’s costumes are made of silks and other thin materials, so it’s not surprising that they haven’t survived. The ceremonial dress is particularly delicate, so it’s a miracle that it was found and able to be restored.

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The dress is expected to be sold for $1-2 million and the bids close on June 28, 2023. Star Wars is such a long-lasting global phenomenon that any original props or costumes are always going to be highly sought-after.

The universe is currently going strong on Disney Plus in the form of Star Wars series, with Andor showing a whole-new twist on what Star Wars can be, and the movies are in a state of limbo. Annual events such as Star Wars Celebration ensure the franchise’s popularity doesn’t dwindle.

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