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Spider-Man director Jon Watts rumoured to be directing a Star Wars series

Jon Watts, who helmed the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Spider-Man trilogy, might be about to swap the friendly neighbourhood for a galaxy, far, far away

Jon Watts Star Wars series

Jon Watts, who helmed the MCU’s Spider-Man trilogy might be about to swap the friendly neighbourhood for a galaxy, far, far away. According to Production Weekly, a new Star Wars movies sci-fi series is about to begin filming under the working title Grammar Rodeo and DiscussingFilm has reported Watts may be directing at least one episode.

Collider has reported that the new TV series may be tied into Star Wars: The High Republic. The High Republic is a multimedia project set 2,000 years before the events of The Phantom Menace and told across comicbooks, novels, and audiobooks. The series has focused on the heyday of the Galactic Republic before the Sith worked to corrupt it, when the Jedi Order was at the height of its powers.

Sources have reportedly told Collider that Disney is looking to develop a live-action series geared towards a younger audience although Jon Favreau is supposedly involved in whatever Grammar Rodeo is. This suggests it could be related to Favreau’s burgeoning Mandalorian related corner of the galaxy as opposed to a new spin-off.

The rumours of Watts’ involvement have yet to be confirmed by any of the trades and if he is involved we can’t see him taking on more than an episode or two. Why? Well, Watts is the man tasked with rebooting the Fantastic Four for Marvel Studios.

More than that he has to rehabilitate the franchise in the eyes of the general public. Marvel’s first family have had three theatrically released films (four if we count the bootleg Roger Corman film) none of which outside of the first have been warmly received by fans.