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John Boyega won’t read original Rise of Skywalker script

Star Wars actor John Boyega reveals his thoughts on the sci-fi movie franchise and why he won't read the alternate version of Rise of Skywalker

John Boyega won't read original Rise of Skywalker script

John Boyega, who famously played the Star Wars character Finn in the sequel trilogy of Star Wars movies, has revealed that he won’t be revisiting the franchise – even to read the alternate version of a certain film. In a recent interview on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast, Boyega shared that despite his past with the beloved IP, he won’t be reading Colin Trevorrow’s Rise of Skywalker script.

Initially, Trevorrow was set to helm the science fiction movie Episode IX (aka Rise of Skywalker) – which JJ Abrams later took over. In Trevorrow’s version, the story would have followed a different set of events to the ones fans saw in 2019. One of the biggest differences in the Star Wars scripts was Boyega’s role – which Trevorrow would have made bigger and more monumental, with the character returning to Coruscant.

Boyega shared that the reason why he doesn’t want to read this alternate version isn’t because he is over the franchise. Instead, his reasoning lies in the fact that reading Trevorrow’s work and Finn’s storyline would break his heart as it would have reminded him of what could have been when he joined the Star Wars cast.

“I can’t read that one because I’ll be heartbroken, “He said. “I had a sit down with Colin. I want to tell you that’s one of the best Star Wars meetings I’d ever had because it felt like two nerds that were like, ‘Yes, that’s what we want to see!’…And I saw the art, you know, Stormtrooper rebellion, I was like, that stuff was cold.”

Although the star hasn’t read the final version of Trevorrow’s script, he is still hopeful that the studio will revisit it at some point. “Hopefully, Lucasfilm can give him an opportunity down the line to maybe work on something else, you know?” He said. “Because I’m sure they would love to collaborate with him again in any capacity.”

Star Wars fans can look forward to a new entry in the franchise, the Star Wars series Andor which is set to hit Disney Plus on September 21, 2022. You can also watch all of the Star Wars movies on Disney Plus now.

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