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Terry Farrell wishes she could do these DS9 episodes again

Terry Farrell played one of the most popular Star Trek characters ever, Jadzia Dax, but she still has regrets about some of the Deep Space Nine episodes.

Star Trek DS9

Terry Farrell played one of the most popular Star Trek characters, Jadzia Dax, in one of the best Star Trek series – Deep Space Nine. While she would have one of the most successful relationships in any Star Trek series – with Worf (Michael Dorn) – Farrell says that it took her a while to stop feeling like a ‘fish out of water.’

Speaking to StarTrek.com in November 2022, Farrell said; “I wish I could do those again, the Mirror Universe episodes, because I didn’t quite trust that I was going to be OK. There was one in particular [You Are Cordially Invited], which David Livingston directed. Worf and Jadzia got married. David was really supportive. Michael [Dorn] and I and David all really worked together, and it was one of those magical shows to work on.”

“Then we had the episode [Change of Heart] where Worf and I went on a trip and I almost died, and Worf had to make this decision whether to stay back and save me, or go ahead with the mission. That was another one where I felt like we were all very connected. Those are a couple that stand out in this moment, talking to you.”

Farrell continued; “But a lot of them, especially in the first couple of years, I felt like I was a fish out of water. I was trying to figure out how this was working for me. I was still getting caught up in memorizing all my dialogue. I think it took a couple of years for me to feel like I was immersed in it.”

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Due to an unfortunate case of being dead, Dax has not returned for Picard or any of the other more recent series. Michael Dorn’s Worf does appear in it though, along with plenty of other characters from The Next Generation.

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