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Strange New Worlds cast are up for a Star Trek movie, and so are we

Star Trek has a long history of movies, as well as TV series, so a Strange New Worlds movie is not beyond the realms of possibility. And the cast are in!

Strange New Worlds

Star Trek movies have been part of that universe for almost as long as the television series, with Star Trek: The Motion Picture coming out just over a decade after the series began. Highlights have included The Wrath of Khan (1982) and Star Trek: Beyond (2016). There is currently a plethora of new, successful and critically-acclaimed Star Trek series – so the inevitable question comes if any of them will make the leap to the movies.

When we at The Digital Fix caught up with Anson Mount and Rebecca Romijn of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, as season 2 is just starting, we put that exact question to them and they seemed up for a movie spin-off. Romijn said; “We feel like all our episodes are mini-movies. I mean, we shoot them over 12 days. They all feel epic. Every script feels epic. So they already feel like movies to us. But, sure. We’d do a movie.”

Mount added; “Yeah, I wouldn’t say no. Maybe Chris Pine will get into another contract dispute and we can take over.” Mount’s cheeky dig at Chris Pine is referring to rumours that the Star Trek 4 release date is being delayed or possibly not happening at all, due to Pine’s dispute over pay and scheduling.

Given that Michelle Yeoh is starring in a Discovery spin-off called Section 31, a Paramount Plus exclusive feature is certainly within the realms of possibility. If a Strange New Worlds movie were to follow in the footsteps of previous movies, it would be set after the series ends and could be a last hurrah for the cast, which also features Ethan Peck as Spock. It could even deal with Pike’s life-changing injuries, which we know is in his future.

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For now, we have Strange New Worlds season 2 episode 2 to enjoy, and we know that a third season is on the way. That will certainly keep the cast busy for now, while we wait for any movie news to be announced, or not.

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